Module Plan unites brands that share common goals and brand values
to shape relationship marketing, define global trends,
and deliver high quality products and services.

Clever Frame International

Interior design, small architectural forms,
and professional modular exhibition design to set global marketing trends.

Modular Experience

We create aesthetic and employer-friendly office space environments to improve work efficiency and comfort. Be believe that feeling better means working better. Carefully designed leisure corners allow your staff to keep work-life balance and enjoy good coffee.


BrandForm Display

Stworzyliśmy markę, której zadaniem jest dostarczać Państwu najlepsze lekkie rozwiązania wystawiennicze, w oparciu
o 20 lat naszego doświadczenia na tym rynku.

Brandform Display

Monogram Publishing

Trend-setting publishing house, responding to the needs of the connoisseurs of design, high culture, premium sports, and luxury goods.

Sopot Match Race

Sopot Match Race is the first Professional Sports Yachting Centre in Poland. The annual regatta aims to bring together prominent business representatives, as well as respected artists and acknowledged journalists and popularise yachting.

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